Puppy Care Cardiff

Here at PontK9 we offer a range of services aimed at puppies. Our dog sitting service is ideal for when you are at work and need someone to visit your home to feed and give your puppy a toilet break.

Our doggy day care service is a good option for puppies who need more than a quick visit during the day. We also run puppy socialisation sessions which are very popular.

Puppy Care Services

Being a new puppy owner is such an exciting time, but can be daunting too, so we are on hand to help you care for your puppy and support you in nurturing a well-adjusted happy adult dog. 

We offer a range of services tailored specifically for puppies, which include home visits for when you want your puppy checked on, fed and let out to the toilet; or puppy socialisation sessions which includes short walks and play with other puppies in our care; or day boarding sessions for puppies who may need a longer session.

Free Puppy Play Dates

We are also on hand to offer free advice and hints and tips to help with your puppy’s development. We also host a hugely popular free Puppy Play Date every weekend for our clients and their pups to bring you together as part of our PontK9 puppy community.  During these free sessions you get a chance to meet our other puppy owners and your puppy will get to see their pals and to socialise again. You will be able to share experiences with our puppy owning community and we will be on hand to lend a hand with any advice and tips you need during this fun session!