About Us

Started in 2015, PontK9 has quickly grown to become one of the most respected and highly reviewed pet service businesses within Cardiff.

The following page discusses what our pet care vision and philosophy is. It also introduces you to the team behind PontK9.

Dog Walkers Cardiff

Meet The Team

As every member of the team is a dog owner themselves, each team member understands that our clients pets are a treasured family member.  As such, we treat every dog as if it were our own and our services are built upon this ethos.  So if you book an hour walking session then your dog will be walked for an hour – not returned to your home within the hour, irrespective of any commute or detour they have to collect other pets along the way to the park. When boarding with us they live within our homes as part of our household and will be at the heart of our family life. 

Deehan - PontK9


Founder & Owner

Based in Pontcanna, I set up PontK9 in 2015 as I felt strongly about the standard of care I want for my own pet dog and wanted to replicate this by offering an exceptional service to other dog owners and their pets. My own pet Retriever is a therapy dog working with vulnerable adults and children, and I am also a part-time breeder.

Having previously been part of the corporate world and a mum trying to juggle the demands of every day life, I wanted to establish a company which offered a high quality one stop shop to dog owners –  walking our clients pets when they are at work and boarding them when they are on holiday.  This model enables us to build a special bond and rapport with both client and pet and to act as a surrogate (dog) family for our clients and their pooches.  

Esther - PontK9


Dog Boarding

Hi, I’m Esther and I’ve been with PontK9 since 2018. It’s the perfect fit as going on walks with dogs is my favourite thing to do! After completing my Philosophy degree I went travelling around Australia before returning to take up this job. I have always had a love for animals and when we got Bella the Beagle I realised just how much I loved working out her idiosyncrasies (basically just how obsessed with food she is!).

I really enjoy getting to know the dogs I work with and seeing what really makes them tick as no two dogs are ever the same. I aim to give your dog the chance to be happiest they can be as there’s nothing better than handing back a content and tired out dog.

Julian - PontK9


Dog Walking & Boarding

Hi, I’m Julian and I’m a lifelong animal lover, dog lover and lover of the outdoor life too, so I’m working my dream job! Come rain or shine, it’s always a pleasure walking PontK9’s adorable pets, especially in the lush green and forested spaces that Cardiff has to offer.

I’m a part-time lecturer at Cardiff University and a published author too but nothing matches the simple joy, love and laughter our four-legged friends provide us. I very quickly bond with all my charges and whether on walks or home boarding with me, you can be assured that your pet will receive the best care and attention and the furthest chucked balls too!

Ben - PontK9


Doggy Day Care & Boarding

I have always loved dogs and have been a dog owner since I was a young boy. I joined PontK9 in 2018 as I thought it would be interesting to work with dogs and I haven’t looked back!

As one of the team’s full time boarders I provide a puppy day care service and also a home from home environment for pets when their owners go on holiday – basically a holiday for dogs!

I love getting to know the different breeds and understanding each dog’s personality. I will always support clients in exercising and developing their puppies and dogs.

Greg & Louisa - PontK9

Louisa & Greg

Dog Boarding

We are a young and active retired couple who have had dogs all our lives. In more recent years we owned West Highland Terriers and currently have a Sprocker called Maggie who we adopted (her previous owner could no longer take care of her).

We love having dogs come to stay with us. Our large secure garden is perfect for dogs and overlooks the woods behind our home. The daily walks keep us fit and the unconditional love and joy dogs give is priceless. We feel blessed to be able to care for our clients pets and give them the peace of mind they yearn for in knowing that their pets are being well cared for.

When we’re not caring for dogs, we like to go on holidays. We were fortunate to take a trip to Australia in January 2020 and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in celebration of Louisa’s 60th birthday.

Sue - PontK9


Dog Boarding

I’ve been a PontK9 team member since 2017 and care for our clients pets when they go on holiday. I’m a part-time teacher so do this during the weekends and school holidays.

I grew up with dogs and our family had many years of enjoyment with our spaniels Duke, Toby and Sam.

Myself, my husband and our two grown up daughters are all complete animal lovers. We especially adore dogs and our own family dog is a Daxijac called Tilly.

I live surrounded by beautiful countryside and my favourite past time is to enjoy long walks around our local area. I take great fulfilment from spending time with dogs in nature and love meeting new doggy friends.

Rob - PontK9


Dog Walking

Hi there I’m Rob aka uncle Bob to the waggies. I’m a massive dog lover who prefers them to humans.

I’ve always had dogs, since before I could walk, and i have the best job in the world, walking waggies. Every day is different, and every session is unique.

All my gang are treated like my own, and I feel blessed to have so many four legged mates, who I love with all my heart. To top it all off, apparently I’m pretty good at photography, which all my clients benefit from! 

Prys - PontK9


Dog Walking & Boarding

I’m Prys, and joined the team, having previously been a client of PontK9 for 3 years. Clearly, I saw what a great life it is. I own a dog, walk dogs, run with dogs, board dogs, talk about dogs and dream about dogs.

Each pack member is a part of our family and that’s exactly how we work. No one day is ever the same with countryside walks, trail walks & runs, riverside walks & long beach walks. A pretty decent life.

Whilst I also do some consultancy on the side, it really is ALL about the dogs. If there is a better job than this out there I’d like to hear about it!!